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1. Book In

Book your date - click the button 'Book In'
If i am unable to accomodate your date, ill contact you, otherwise your booking has been confirmed. I cannot accomodate custom pieces.

2. Drop off/ Post Flowers

It is best that i receive your flowers within 5 days of your wedding day. If posting your flowers, please send within 2 days
- first class tracked. 

Postage/ Drop off to: Donaghcloney, BT66

When you know a day/time for drop off or delivery, please let me know and i will send across address.

3. Preservation

Your flowers will be preserved in the method that best suits your order and will be drying for 3-4 weeks from the day I receive them.

This is when your remaining balance will be due.

4. Framing

Your piece will be arranged, set and sprayed with a UV Protection.

Your flowers will go through several stages - drying, colour correction, placement, set, protection and framing - please allow 3-12 months to recieve your finished piece. 

Recommended supplier - Wedding Help NI.


"I am delighted with my framed bouquet. I cannot thank you enough for what you've done with my wedding bouquet.


- Emma"

Pink Sugar
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