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1. Keep flowers in water until postage

also keep in a shaded, cool place.

To gather:

1. A cardboard box big enough to fit your flowers

2. Newspaper or alternative

3. Kitchen roll

2. Prep for sending

Within 3 days of your wedding day

1. Soak kitchen roll in water

2. Wrap around the bottom of the stems of your bouquet (or other flowers)


3. Placing in box

Plastic free area!

Use newspaper or brown paper to keep your flowers safe within the box. 

4. Package up

Send first class + tracked

Use another layer or newspaper or brown paper to cover your flowers. 

Tape up & send. 

Royal mail offers a service where you buy a pre-paid collection label ( + they will bring it with them when they collect your package.)


Top tips

1.  Arrange postage pick-up before your wedding.

2. Track your package - with your details to ensure it arrives with me safely. 




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